Helsinki – 1 Million Euro Energy Challenge

Can you solve the future of heating? The City of Helsinki invites you to take part in a one million challenge competition to create the future of urban heating!

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Helsinki is one of the leading cities in the transition towards a sustainable future, with the goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2035. Currently, more than half of the city’s heat is produced with coal. In order to achieve carbon-neutrality, radically new solutions are needed to meet Helsinki’s heat demand.

That is why the City of Helsinki is launching the Helsinki Energy Challenge. A global challenge competition to answer the question:  How can we decarbonise the heating of Helsinki, using as little biomass as possible?

The goal is to find solutions with the potential to be implemented in Helsinki by 2029, and the best solutions will be shared with cities all over the world. We believe the best ideas can come from anywhere, and that great innovation often comes from multidisciplinary and diverse teams. Therefore, the Challenge competition is open globally to everyone – to start-ups and other companies, research institutions, universities, individual experts, consortiums or any other actor who can provide sustainable solutions to urban heating. For more information about Helsinki’s challenge click below.

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Great innovation often comes from multidisciplinary discussions and diverse teams. Therefore it is required that to apply the teams need to consist of at least two members and Helsinki is actively encouraging large and more diverse teams. You can read more about the challenge and meet other active companies by joining our online platform by clicking “join the discussion” below.You will first have to make your own account (don’t worry – it won’t take long at all!). On the platform you will find more information about the challenge, how to apply, and connect with others interested in the challenge.

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