RIO DE JANEIRO – Scaling up biomethanisation in Brazil

A pilot biomethanation plant in Caju, converting the organic fraction of the MSW into biogas built by COMLURB, relying on Methanum technology has demonstrated the feasibility of biomethanization. Now, Rio de Janeiro is looking to scale this plant in Brazil and further afield. Are you a Nordic company with technologies and knowledge in organic waste? Contact the Nordic Solutions for C40 team to get involved!

Biomethanization in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Latin America.

This opportunity builds upon CLEANs past workshops with C40 in Rio de Janerio which resulted in the successful feasibility study of the first Biomethanization plant in Brazil built in Caju, Rio de Janiero.

The opportunities are:

  • Scale solutions to treat the organic fraction of its waste, which represents over 50% in weight of total household waste at Caju.
  • To replicate its model by developing similar plants in the region
  • To develop a process to utilise sugarcanes for the biomethanisation process
    Interest in treating organic waste throughout Latin America (Mexico, Peru)

We organised a co-creation workshop in Rio de Janeiro on the 21st October 2019.

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If you want to contribute to this opportunity and help Rio De Janeiro develop solutions for biomethanization, join our opportunities page and online co-creation platform by clicking “join the discussion” below. You can also contact Scott Allison if you have any questions..