STOCKHOLM – Seasonal storage of electricity on a district level

The City of Stockholm is looking for solutions for seasonal storage of electricity for the new Royal Seaport development. Are you a Nordic company with technologies and knowledge in energy storage? Contact the Nordic Solutions for C40 team to get involved!

The Stockholm Royal Seaport drives the development of next-generation, sustainable urban districts. A dense and multifunctional city-district will provide the foundation for an inclusive urban lifestyle, prudent use of resources, and reduced climate impact. Participation, creativity and innovation thrives in an inspiring urban environment.

Like other major cities, Stockholm has an important task in demonstrating solutions for sustainable urban development that allows for a growing population while reducing the use of resources. The Stockholm Royal Seaport will be a fossil-fuel-free urban district with low resource use and a high degree of closed loop systems. The built environment will be robust which requires that buildings and facilities are designed with high quality. Planning and implementation of the urban district will contribute to reducing environmental impact and to innovative environmental technologies being developed and implemented within the project. This means combining new, innovative solutions with those tried and tested in a well-considered and conscious way.

Through cooperation, the Stockholm Royal Seaport is contributing to a Stockholm that is diverse, provides a rich variety of experiences, cohesive and growing

The challenge

The goal for the Royal seaport is to be fossil fuel free by 2030. Therefore, the City initiated pre-feasibility studies to explore the potential of designing a fossil fuel free energy system for the last neighbourhood to be build accommodating between 4 000 – 6 000 households.

One challenge is seasonal storage of electricity. The bright summer days have up to 18 hours of sunshine, the amount of solar electricity that is generated could potentially cover the annual consumption, but it requires advanced storage of electricity, as electricity is primarily needed in the dark winter months.

What has happened so far?

We hosted a kick-off webinar about this opportunity on 3rd September at 15:00 CEST or on 4th September at 09:00 CEST. The two day co-creation workshop in Stockholm took place the 3rd – 4th October 2019. Currently the City of Stockholm is evaluating the solution proposals from the workshop and aim to open up for a pre-feasibility study in 2020. You can find more information about the project or you want to contribute to this opportunity and help Stockholm develop solutions for energy storage, join our opportunities page and online co-creation platform by clicking “join the discussion“. You can also contact Scott Allison if you have any questions.

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