TEL AVIV-YAFO – Waste and Food Solutions for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

In May 2019, the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo will host the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Tel Aviv-Yafo wishes to host the most sustainable and climate friendly Eurovision to date by using the event as a platform and example for future events. The two focus points for solutions are zero waste and sustainable food, thereby reducing the cities carbon footprint of large public events and mitigate the city's overall environmental impact.

Tel Aviv is a global start-up center and a hotspot for culture and entertainment. The combination of this innovative ecosystem and a municipal strategy for sustainability has shaped two pro-climate focus points for Eurovision 2019: zero waste and sustainable food.

The city’s vision to host a sustainable and climate friendly Eurovision is supported by the federal government of Israel and the organization behind the Eurovision, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Tel Aviv aims to issue a clear guideline and set of practical tools, based on existing relevant standards (e.g. ISO 20121, BS8901) in order to foster sustainable large public events. This framework would allow Tel Aviv to host a truly sustainable event. First and foremost, exploring the Eurovision Song Contest as a prototype for the framework. Following the end of the Eurovision, the framework would be implemented in future events organized by Tel Aviv Yafo’s municipality, insuring the legacy of the Eurovision and the outcomes of the workshop would not be lost, but rather would evolve and grow with time.

Tel Aviv-Yafo wants to create large municipal public events to move towards zero waste as well as creating an overall guideline for the city focusing on the supply of sustainable food at public events. Tel Aviv-Yafo wants to:

  • Reduce the city’s carbon footprint of large public events and mitigate the city’s overall environmental impact through zero waste and sustainable food solutions
  • Ultimately fully integrate the solutions into the city’s planning mechanisms in line with the objectives of Tel Aviv-Yafo’s Urban Strategy and Resilience Plan
  • Utilize existing municipal venues and spaces and transform them into green spaces that function and demonstrate sustainable living

More information and the project background can be found here: Tel Aviv challenge – City Solutions Platform. C40 Cities will host a co-creation workshop in Tel Aviv as part of the C40 City Solutions Platform in Tel Aviv on the 22nd – 23rd January 2019.

If you have a solution for Tel Aviv-Yafo or would like more information on how to join this opportunity, please contact Scott Allison at: